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What is Ames Taping?

Ames Taping is an alternative to Plastering. The basic difference between plastering and Ames taping is that when plastering you need to skim coat the whole surface of plasterboard with plaster.

With Ames taping you need only to apply 3 coats of joint compound to the joints. Soon as the joints are dry they need to be sanded down between coats to get perfect smooth surface ready to paint/decorate.

Just as good as plastering just less expensive.

We specialize in Ames taping and jointing or drywall finishing, providing the very best no nonsense finish to any type of plasterboard at an affordable price to private and commercial customers.

Our product is ideal when you have deadlines and tight schedules to meet making it a popular choice for property developers as it can massively increase your productivity. Ames taping drywall produces the most cost effective method of finishing any plasterboard walls and ceilings. Time is money, and taping and jointing dries much quicker than plastering in the UK climate.