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Wallpaper Handing:

From Wide vinyls, Muraspec, Murals or finished wallpapers we have great knowledge in hanging all varieties of wall coverings.

As a painter and decorator I feel as though it is important to ensure that when hanging finished wallpapers it should be done to the highest standard possible.

In today’s market however companies producing roll upon roll of wallpaper like to skimp and save on materials and often leads to a poor quality paper.

When deciding upon a finished wallpaper, sometimes it is often best to do a small Google search and see if there are any reviews on the product.

Walpapering Tips / Procedure:

  • Once the old wallpaper is stripped the plaster/plasterboard walls have to be sanded, filled and sanded to ensure the best possible chance of an even surface.
  • After the filler has been sanded down I often apply a coat of sealer to give the plaster and even porosity.
  • If a finished wallpaper is going to be applied then it is essential that a lining paper is first applied to the walls.
  • The lining paper helps combat the shrinkage of the finishing paper and ensure the best possible chance of the finish paper lasting a whole much longer.
  • When applying the paste it is best to use ready mixed as it contains a lower water content and prevents the wallpaper from over stretching.